Ally Celones Senturk

Clean Water Activist, Web Analytics/SEO Guru, and Jeopardy! Nerd

Hi, I’m Ally.

My background in Cultural Anthropology, a branch of anthropology focused on the observation of human societies and cultural variations, has helped shape and inform my personal approach to digital and content marketing. In college, I traveled to South America as a Gilman and Duttenhaver Scholar, where I spent one year researching and documenting different aspects of my educational experience. It was also during that period of time that I fell passionately in love with sustainability and environmentalism and all the different facets that encompass it.

After a period of travel and work in various parts of the U.S., I landed back in my hometown of San Diego, CA. Currently, I work full-time, volunteer with several environmental non-profits, and am active within local and regional political circles.

My working style mirrors my lifestyle. I am a curious and immersive learner with a personal passion for productivity hacking, planning, coordinating, and logistics. My philosophy is that everything starts with a question.

I believe that we have a responsibility as learned citizens to educate the masses and exercise our compassion. One of my most defining career goals is to make data more accessible and understandable for the general public. We can build trust in knowledge through practical education, historic principles, and cultural context.

I strive to achieve the perfect balance of structure and creativity.